Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Make It Stop, Make It Stop, Make It Stop

     It hasn't stopped, though we are now down to a delightful mix of freezing mist and very light snow.  Officially, there's something between seven and eight inches of snow on the ground already and the TV stations have people scattered all over, some with live mobile video, to tell the rest of us to stay off the roads.  (This is semi-unfair, as the most far-away teams were in place before the snow started; still, a reporter telling me, with on-the-go Action News pictures, "We're fishtailing down I-12345 at 65 mph in our 4WD.  Never ever try this!  You should stay home and lock the doors, 'cos it is deadly dangerous on these roads!" is annoying -- who died and made you Matthew Henson, pal?)

     It looks like the street in front of Roseholme Cottage has been plowed down to smooth snow over yesterdays lingering ice.  Undoubtedly an improvement, despite how futile it looks.

     And I'll be out there with a shovel shortly.  Oh, the fun we have!

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Jim Dunmyer said...

I waited until about 10:30 to plow the drive, and it worked out well. The snow quit falling about noonish, so we should be OK. Now, if the doggone County Highway Department would get on the ball and plow the roads, we'd be all set!