Monday, February 10, 2014

Experi. Mental.

     It works.  Need a real one. (Also, totally great name for a publishing house.)


Ancient Woodsman said...

And a great name for a college/garage band, too.

Anonymous said...

How can no one comment on bacon. Mmmmmm pooork faaaat.


Anonymous said...

Supposedly K-Mart/Sears carries a pan/press plate combo for $20. I was looking for a non-Teflon Foreman type of grill when I saw good ole cast iron, healthy cooking for generations, mit press plate, as a sub for people who used to do panninis on their Foreman grills who wanted off the Teflon express because Cancer! Birds keeling over from Teflon fumes (the ole canary in the coal mine effect), so what is it doing to me! So I see me holding the slab of meat with the press plate, draining the fat into a can, until the day I scald myself or the cat at my feet. I've yet to season the plate (which I got at the outlet mall) or the pan (which a friend gave me as an excess pan his late mom had that I was stupid enough to wash in soapy water), but I'll give a field report when I use it.