Saturday, February 01, 2014

Well, Stud My Tires And Call Me "Spike"

     It's been raining off and on all day today.  The sidewalk between the back door and garage here at Roseholme Cottage is under water, two inches deep in spots.  Tonight, the temperature will dip blow freezing -- and stay that way through at least February tenth!

     What makes this so very interesting is the streets are about like that sidewalk.  Ten days of street-skating?  Goodness, what fun we are going to be having.  Oh, what fun indeed.



Comrade Misfit said...

I miss studded snow tires. I've got a set of chains (those wire-rope things with bitey-pieces on them), but they're not nowhere near as good.

Timothy J. Snorkle McCorkle said...

Street Skated as a Kid in Kokomo... the Ditches on east side of 31 were great! My whine this weekend ,is that they didn't Plow the rutted slush so Now I CANNOT ride My Bike because of the 4-6" Ruts Frozen in the streets.

Timothy J. Snorkle McCorkle said...

Just read the other comment... I bought Continental Top Contact 26x 1.9 Bike tires in October... Love them! No spikes But all of those Tiny Sipes work!

Tass said...

Welcome to Houston! We never get snow-only ice. And for a population that forgets how to drive in the rain during our summer droughts, our collective stoopid comes out for the world to see.