Sunday, October 05, 2014


     Fried diced potatoes, kissed with a tiny bit of "Cajun seasoning," cooked in bacon fat (the bacon itself having been lightly peppered, which produces not so much a peppery taste as a campfire-cooked flavor) and sprinkled with dried chives while draining on a paper towel, the aforementioned bacon and an egg cooked -- fried at low heat -- in sesame oil for a tender texture and complex, smoky taste, washed down with cranberry juice and a nice big mug of tea -- since Tam all but finished off the coffee before departing for her lunch, slaving over a hot keyboard at Twenty Tap or some other heathen tavern and I didn't find out until I was plating up my own meal. 

     No harm done; a cuppa good PG Tips was exactly what my brunch called for.  Coffee would have overpowered it.

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Old NFO said...

Sounds good! And BACON! :-)