Saturday, December 06, 2014

A WENN Christmas

     An outstanding Christmas episode of the AMC gem, "Remember WENN," a series set at a small radio station in Pittsburgh the 1940s.  Video quality is nothing much, but the clever writing and wonderful audio make up for it:

     I thought it was one of the best shows on television -- and it vanished with barely a trace after a few seasons.

     (Cynics will point out that I may be a wee bit prejudiced towards liking this series; after all, the young heroine is a writer, she's from Indiana, and she's working in radio during the Golden Age.  They're probably right.)


Anonymous said...

I liked that show a lot.

Especially Mr Foley.


Earl said...

Treasure the shows you liked, for there are never enough of them to steal your writing/reading time away, and aren't you the lucky one?

fillyjonk said...

Oh, I remember that show. I loved it and, like you, was disappointed when it went poof. ("Nothing gold can stay.")

Hammerbach said...

Thank you so much for sharing this!