Thursday, December 11, 2014

Of Course

     Having mused aloud about why I blog and gotten folks worried I might stop (your concern is touching.  I'm not planning on it), naturally this morning I come up blank.

     Some of it is due to the time of year.  I'd kind of like to hide under the bed until after New Year's.

     The holidays are not easy.  I was never much of a holiday person -- more of a "grit my teeth and get through it" type -- I try to get through it with minimum drama rather than ducking out and besides, it was such great fun for the kids.  My family has reached the point where my nieces and nephews have kids of their own and I have trouble keeping track of names and ages.  When they get a little older, it'll be easy ("Amazon gift certificates for everybody!") but at this point, there's still plenty of magic for 'em and I feel obliged to pride a little of it.  Shopping is nearly eighty percent done...and now it's time to check the lists twice.  Oh, oldest two nieces, I'm gonna need your relative-tracking expertise!  


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

That wanting to hide under the bed thing? That's what makes me thankful I've been a telecommuter for the past 20 years.

Unfortunately I have to go out today. At least the sun is trying to make an appearance.

wa5bru said...

Blog fodder: what do you hear on the ham bands lately?

Do you DX or ragchew?

Roberta X, remotely said...

I am no longer on the air at present. Tinnitus, low energy, and high RF noise levels make it too frustrating most of the time.

rickn8or said...

Yep, you're not the only one that dreads that period from Labor Day to New Years. I also, and pretty much for the same reasons.

rickn8or said...


Joe in Reno said...

This is why they invented Baja. Lots of sun, sand, and margoritas right at Christmas! Nothing like running for the hills... er.. beaches to make life better.

LCB said...

Christmas for my brothers and I kinda quit being a family gathering when my dad died. Took a lot of air out of the family.

Then I had kids and the joy was back. Now they're grown...uh, not so much.

But...I'm gonna be a grandpaw in May, so next Christmas, maybe the joy will be back.

LCB said...

You're not fooling anyone. You have to go out because you have a sleigh of gifts to deliver.

And you "telecommute" from the North Pole. :-)

Paul Schwa said...

We like to read whatever you have to say. You're also one of the folks inspiring me to finally go for my ham license after 30 or so years of being just a SWL (and a radio geek in general).