Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Warring Calibers

     Oh, to heck with it -- I'm gonna invent the .39 Gored Ox, which will actually be 9.9 mm and have terminal ballistics at the mean value for all the rounds between .38 Special and .45 ACP.*  Just 'cos.  And so there can be even more moaning and whizzing in the wind.

     Is gun.  Is not safe.  All of those rounds hurt.  None of them is a sure, 100% one-shot stopper, so, you know -- try to avoid having to do that.  And train well and thoroughly in how, when and why, so if you have to use it, you'll do it right.

     There's a reason for that little cluster of handgun calibers and ballistics from around 3/8" to a bit over 7/16" and it mostly has to do with controllability, not "stopping power."  Might be a lesson in that.
* Possibly not the .44 Magnum, 'cos I have been hit on the palm with a softball bat already.  Ow.  


Anonymous said...

Will you initially offer it in a Glock, Sig or 1911 platform?

(runs for cover)

Anonymous said...

When can I get one ??? LOL If its the latest and greatest well then it must be great

Just for kicks (if you have the time ) work up the specs.. G & A did a parody yrs ago of the wildcatting craze, necked up a 22 LR to accept a 404 bullet... testing showed it could penetrate a wet Kleenex at a range of 10ft if I remember correctly

JC said...

And you're holding it wrong.

rickn8or said...

Will a magnet stick to it?

OldTexan said...

I would suggest the magazine location be similar to the Broom handle Mauser because that looks meaner in movies therefore it will cause more interstellar tissue damage due to the doppler effect of cellulage buoyancy when the 39.9 impacts transitionally. Everyone with half a brain knows this.

RandyGC said...

Gotta have it in a wheel gun.

Or,Hey, I Know, Derringer!!!

Joe in Reno said...

.39 Gored Ox...S&W 500 necked down to a bottleneck .40 fired out of a titanium/aluminum/Zmac Hipoint. Gores both ends and in the middle. .....But their customer service & warranty are great!!! {;>)