Monday, December 08, 2014

Top Of The Workweek

     ...And right now, we're at the point where it's going and up and up.  Fun, right?  So they tell me.

     The TV is running down the hall,* too low for me to easily hear (which, distressingly, is not all that low) and as a result, the back of my mind is sticking together any meaning it can from what filters through.  So far, the stalwart young male anchor has invited viewers to, "Enjoy a World's Fair foot-long, or just become a Maraschino businessman," followed by a an automobile dealer touting their "weatherproof sackbomb."  H'mm, it's not the right world but it seems to be an interesting one.  Oh, be right back; the network news report just told me, "Commenting on Obama's toes, the Toenail Party said to trim them."  Politics has taken a sudden turn and not for the better!
* Oh, dear.  We'd better catch it, then, before the cat does.

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Opinionated Grump (Rich in NC) said...

I, also, am a graduate of the Norm Crosby school of "Hearing Nearly Correctly". It sure makes for a fun conversation with non-hearing-impaired people.

Rich in NC