Saturday, December 17, 2016

A Nice Storm?

     No, not a nice storm, not at all, and not a full-on ice storm -- still, there's a glaze of ice on everything, especially the roads.  Temperatures were expected to get above freezing shortly after midnight but it didn't happen.  It's barely 33°F as I write this, with an off-and-on sleety drizzle that's just adding a layer of lubrication to the ice.  Interstate on- and off-ramps have proven especially treacherous.

     If you don't have a pressing need to travel, then don't.  No matter how careful and safe you are, no matter how fit your own vehicle is for this weather, there are always the other drivers and in weather like this, they are more likely to be risk-takers than not.  Temperatures are finally climbing and conditions will be better later today.  Sunday will be much, much worse: more sleet and back into the deep freeze, with single digits by Sunday night.  Buy your bread, milk and eggs now!

     Tam and I may walk to one of the nearby eateries for breakfast and I just might try a grocery run myself.


Anonymous said...

Hard freezes with slush on the ground is about the worst there is.

Instant lumpy skating rink...

AndyJ said...

Why is it that every time there is a snow/ice storm coming everyone gets a hankering for French toast?????