Tuesday, December 06, 2016

An (almost) English Breakfast

     No photos -- this is the time of year when it cools down quickly and between cats and my own clumsiness, I used up my picture-taking time.

     Oh my, it's good: a "banger" sausage, fresh mushrooms, a fried egg and (rye) toast, the last being where the "almost" comes in.  I lightly browned the sausages and then left them to cook in a quarter-inch or so of boiling water under a lid, which essentially steams them; you do have to top up the water from time to time.  Then I sauteed the mushrooms in a non-stick skillet with a very little butter and once they were almost done, pushed them to one side and cooked the egg in the mushroomy flavor.  The flavors all kind of dance together, with the strong, umami-rich sausage setting the tone.

     I've been reading Terry Pratchett the last couple of days, A Slip Of The Keyboard,* which collects his shorter non-fiction.  It's amusing and poignant -- and saddening, since many of them were written after Sir Terry was diagnosed with an insidious variety of Alzheimer's disease.  He wrote in the growing awareness that there were only so many more years or months or days left in which to write, and one reads knowing time already ran out.  A good English-style breakfast helps soften that, somehow.
* You could visit Tam's and use her handy link to Amazon to get your own copy.  And maybe add A Blink Of The Screen, which collects some of his short fiction.

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Carteach said...

I have both books.... and more than one moment of sadness mourning what could have been.