Thursday, December 22, 2016

Oh, Go Away, Bug!

     My digestive difficulties continue.  Since a breakfast yesterday that I wasn't able to finish, I've had only bullion, broth, crackers, water, and tea.  A nice mug of hot chocolate yesterday noon didn't end well and a couple of slices of pizza (I know, I know -- but I was hungry) that evening verged on disastrous.  The longest stretch of sleep I have had was five blissful hours. That was an exception.  Generally, the demons down below clamor for attention every two or three hours.

     It will run its course.  I've got Imodium and Pepto-Bismol.  Surely they and the Tincture of Time will work.


Paul said...

Might want to get checked. We have a Black Belt in class tonight that was just diagnosed with a cancer right where his esophagus hooks to the stomach. He is currently under going chemo reduce the size of the cancer so they can remove it.

He started out with some flu like symptoms that did not go away and some weakness that came on in the last few weeks.

Low red blood count and a enlarged lymph node in the area where the major indicators.

Hope it is just the flu.

Will said...

I got hit like that about a month ago, or so. I think it may be tracked to my Lipton tea. I kept eliminating things, and then one day I just had tea by itself, and whamo, same symptoms. A new box from a different brand gives me no reaction.

It's been improving, slowly. Whatever the cause, it seems to have totally screwed up the bacteria balance in my gut. One of my commonly eaten foods that still gives me trouble is chocolate, and that varies depending on the maker. Chocolate drops from Costco? No way at all can I handle that. Breads that I normally eat, most are off the menu. Meat seems to be the safest thing right now for me.