Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Winter Is On The 9:15 Bus And It Looks Irked

     Or that's what they're telling us: it's supposed to begin snowing this morning and keep snowing all day, accumulating an inch or two of snow, maybe even three -- if we're lucky.

     Lucky?  Yes; the snow/ice/rain dividing line is predicted to be not far south of I-70, which runs right through town, taking a big jog as it does so, and these predictions are never exact.  Given the certainty of precipitation, I'd rather have a snowstorm than an ice storm.


Douglas2 said...

Up here in my northeast location, we had yesterday an inch of snow on top of ice. Driving home from work was amusing as I observed many drivers entering quickly onto the main road and then being surprised that friction was not working as they had expected it to. Being snowland residents they all managed to recover back into their own lane and facing mostly the correct direction without hitting anything, but it was nonetheless an exciting ballet to watch that involved lots of locked wheels and sideways movement.

I still don't understand why people tailgate snowplows and salt-spreaders. I was behind a guy for 5 miles on the state highway who was less than a car-length from the "stay back 200 ft" sign (that I could read clearly from 200 ft.) on the back of the spreader truck. It must have sounded to him like he was driving in a hailstorm.

Carteach said...

This afternoon I mounted four brand new aggressive snow tires on the Outback.

Snow here? Not likely now.

Ed said...

OK,everybody sing!


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I think it is just freaking uncanny how the rain/snow line almost ALWAYS parallels US 40/I-70. What did the highway planners know, and when did they know it? :)