Thursday, December 22, 2016

Cats In Sunlight

     Huck had found a nice sunny patch on the window seat and was basking when I made a pan of broth.  Rannie, displaced from the bed when I got up, had joined him.  In an uncommon display of mutual sweetness, the two cats were laying side-by-side, enjoying the sun's warmth.  I dished out a "coffee bowl" of broth, a thing half-way between a mug and a bowl equipped with a nice handle, and had taken it back to office to post something, when Miss Rannie began spluttering in outrage.

     I shuffled back to the library, to find both cats still on the window seat, but Rannie was all but on tiptoe, looking at Huck in horror.  Huck had decided his back was warm enough and had rolled over to expose his tummy -- and had flashed Rannie, bold as can be!

     We might reasonably suppose she was simply upset that the Giant Cat was moving around -- her perch on the edge of the sunlit area was a little precarious -- but her reaction and his indifference to it reminded me of nothing so much as a recurring Ruth Buzzi and Artie Johnson sketch from Laugh-In:


Old NFO said...

That is truly a classic video! Hadn't see it in years, thanks!

markm said...

IIRC, this was the only time she left rather than beating him until he toppled over. Not that he didn't deserve it...