Sunday, December 11, 2016

Up And At 'Em In The Wee Small Hours

     Ain't it grand?  I had about two-thrds of a day off Saturday, with donuts (yay!), a trip to the bank (had to: no cash), lunch out (O'Charley's, as Tam and I wanted a change; in fact, she wanted prime rib and they've got it.  It was okay, but this is Broad Ripple and I prefer the little independent places), a stop at the pharmacy (this getting old stuff isn't for the chicken-hearted), and, finally, at long last, I picked up the raffle-rifle!

     It's nice.  Ruger includes a sturdy nylon-canvas case to hold and protect the two halves of the takedown 10-22 and all the usual trimmings -- shoulder strap, a substantial lock, etc.  This one has a synthetic stock and looks nice.  I probably won't be able to shoot it until next weekend -- looking forward to that! My thanks to Mr. B and his friend Ed.

     Now, having slept for nearly seven hours, I'm enjoying a home-made breakfast scramble (sausage, potato, egg and onion, topped with fresh-sliced cherry tomatoes) prior to going in at a preposterously-early hour.  I may be on this shift every other week for a while but I hope not a long while -- it's not easy to get enough sleep and we're getting into weather in which driving sleepy isn't a good idea, even in the big city.


Anonymous said...

Is the takedown the one with the threaded barrel? If not, Ruger may sell you one.

Suppressors are coming off the NFA and a backyard rifle or basement pistol range may be just the ticket...

Jerry said...

Hi Roberta,

Getting old may not be for the faint hearted but I'll take old any day over the alternative.

B said...

Glad you finally got the rifle.

Hope you enjoy it.

Next time I am selling raffle tickets I'll show up at your door....

jdunmyer said...

Please give us a shooting report on the 10-22. I bought my first 10-22 a couple of years ago, also a takedown model. Put a scope on it, but have yet to fire the first round through the thing.

When I said "first 10-22", I was referring to the fact that any shooter worth his/her salt has at least one of them, if not 2 or 3. I felt a bit left out. :-)