Wednesday, December 21, 2016


     Either a stomach bug, the messed-up hours or the off-brand Cajun lunch I had Monday has done my digestion ill.  I struggled with it off and on all day at work yesterday and thought the matter was settled after some unpleasantness last evening.  Woke up around 0300 for another round and again after the alarm went off at 0600.  Yuck!  Finally took some medicine after the 0300 event.

     And in other (but somehow similar in its recurrent ickiness) news, now that the Electrors have cast their votes, will the Other Parties please stop with the make-it-didn't-happen whining?  Especially the biggest Other Party?  Yeah, I'm not all that thrilled by the guy, either, but I was even less thrilled by Ms. Clinton and so was a majority of the electorate.  Your candidate lost just like mine did (only more so), and histrionic bewailing of the outcome is not going to change that.  Grow up.  Take a pill.  Mr. Trump frets you?  Then gin ya up some Congressfolk who will do stuff instead of just grumping around.


B said...

"Then gin ya up some Congressfolk who will do stuff instead of just grumping around."

Preach it, sister!

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Eh. Now attention and abuse simply passes to Congress, where the results are to be certified on January 6.

The whining on the left won't stop until January 20 at the earliest, and I'd be surprised if it stops then.

But in the end, Congress is responsible for the rise and perpetuation of the Imperial Presidency, without which nobody would be whining at this point. Maybe it's time for Congress to claw back the power they've negligently let slip away for the past 80+ (some would say 100+) years. They could start by writing narrowly-defined, precisely-delineated legislation that doesn't leave the door open for bureaucratic overreach via regulation. So you're right, Ms. Ecks, we need Congressfolk who will do stuff -- as long as it's the right stuff.

Thornharp said...

If you would like a short intermission from the serious stuff, you might find some amusement at
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