Thursday, April 05, 2018

A Good Argument For Hibernation

     But if we sleep through it, we'll miss all the fun?

     "Fun."  Only not.  Between the weather and the nitwit who decided to shoot people at YouTube -- but who didn't fit the profile and has therefore scrolled right off the news -- I'd've stood in bed if I could.  (ETA: Tam tells me, "Not so fast.  The YouTube shooting was the third story at the start of NBC's Today show."  Okay, I stand corrected on that point -- but I'm standing pat on the next paragraph.)

     Interestingly, the YouTube shooter was a California local -- and here the Brady Center tells me that state is A-rated for gun control.  It's almost like that doesn't work to control determined killers.


Monty James said...

True, she was the third story on Today the day after she flipped out. Mainstreams aren't going to report much on her going forward.

Because she harshes the narrative.

pigpen51 said...

I am always watching when a school shooting happens, and I wonder what it is that causes the media to decide that that is the one that they are going to make the big story of the month. I mean, school shootings don't happen every day, but they do happen, more often than once a year, and yet they do not all get on the MSM top 40 count down. I just wonder how they determine which one is the one that they decide fits the mold that will bring them viewers. Or if it is just a crapshoot, and they just guess as far as how to decide which one to feature.

If I were a conspiracy theory type, I would say that it was dictated by some outside interest, who was putting the money up for the kids to get involved, and therefore, to push the story. Like a George Soros, who decided that this one was a good time to try and push an anti gun agenda. So tell CNN to run with it. Good thing I am not a conspiracy type.

Besides, I doubt that the anti gun types will stand as much of a chance at hurting the pro gun types as much as we tend to hurt ourselves. We do seem to shoot our wounded and engage in a lot of infighting.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the make and model of handgun used?