Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Hahahaha, Springtime -- Also, The Saps Are Running

     Monday, two inches of snow.
     Tuesday, thunderstorms and a high of 68°F, with heavy rain and tornadoes.  Thousands of people without power overnight, most of them in an adjacent county.
     Today?  High winds, light snow and a high that might get out of the 30s.
     Thursday, I don't know -- earthquakes, or just a rain of frogs?
* * *
     Meanwhile, Indiana's in the run-up to primary elections.  We've got a Senate seat up for grabs, which the the Democrat incumbent won 50% to 44% last time. The top local GOP contenders -- two U.S. Representatives and a relative outsider -- are basically all contending to be more Trumpian than President Trump.  It may be a winning strategy here in the Rust Belt, but they're getting a bit catty and I don't know that any of them are so ideologically pure (or whatever; pick your adjective) as to bear close inspection on that score.  Meanwhile, Senator Joe Donnelly is about as conservative a Democrat as you'll find these days, and it's not doing him a lot of good with the middle-to-left of his own party.  There's even a series of pro- and anti-Donnelly commercials running, in an uncontested party primary!   With three clear leaders from what began as an eight-way race among the opposition to unseat him, they'd better mind what they throw at one another: the Donnelly campaign is taking notes for November.

     It looks to be an interesting season, one way or another.

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Tokarev said...

Your weather sounds more like Middle TN weather than Middle TN weather.