Monday, April 02, 2018

Oh, Monday--

     Another day that started by being awakened too early by a headache.  It's an effective waking method but I can't recommend it.

     On the other hand, last night I decided to see how "popcorn" asparagus worked with a little cut-up ham in place of the usual salt.
     Darned well, is how!  The asparagus is cut at an angle into one-inch sections and quick-cooked in a closed pan in a little oil -- sesame oil, if you have it, though any mild oil with toasted sesame seeds added will work.  I had some Bertolli Extra Light olive oil, which is about ideal.*  You need to shake the pan so it will cook evenly, a bit like making popcorn.  I am very fond of asparagus cooked this way; it's much better than the usual steaming or microwaving.  It comes out crisp-tender, not the usual mush -- and goes bright green instead of olive-drab.  I added the ham about half-way through the cooking.
* It is very light, a good all-around cooking oil.  This is the only brand and kind of oil the cats will drink -- and they seem to like it a lot.  It may be an odd endorsement but I think they have good judgement.


Science IT and Leisure said...

have a great day

Jerry said...

Not unlike stir frying?

Roberta X said...

Not unlike it, Jerry -- but the critical difference is that it is done covered. So there's a little steaming, too. I can cheat on this: I have a nice wide, deep cross between a saucepan and a skillet with non-stick lining and a clear glass lid.