Thursday, April 26, 2018

I Jumped

     I admit it.  I jumped a little.

     We have cats.  It is, therefore, not at all unusual to find a small dust bunny in the bathtub when one goes to run a bath.  Fingernail-sized or smaller, light enough to have been wafted on the current of air from the register up and into the tub, a dark ball of fuzz one grabs out and throws away--

     It is very unusual for one of those to run away when you reach for it!

     Of course it was a spider, some kind of dark, fuzzy-looking hunting spider and no, I didn't kill it.  Spiders are a little spooky but in the U.S., most are harmless and they control very many insect pests.  This one was not brown and fiddlebacked; it wasn't a smooth black spider with a red hourglass on its abdomen.  I lured it onto a square of tissue paper and hoisted it out to scurry off to a dark corner.

     But I sure did jump when that dust bunny ran away!


pigpen51 said...

I don't scare easily, but I do scare. Spiders not so much. Snakes, if they see me before I see them, that will do it. We have blue racers up here in Michigan. They can reach lengths of 6 feet. I was mowing the lawn outside of town, on a riding lawn mower. I saw this huge thin, and was going to go inside to get the shotgun. That rotten snake took off after me, and the faster I ran, the faster he or she, came. I got to the house about 10 feet ahead of the snake. Grabbed the .410, loaded it up, and ran back outside, and not snake. I could not find that stupid snake to save my life.
My ex brother in law was a field biologist with Kellog wild bird sanctuary, and was always trying to get us to not interfere with the ecosystem like that. Eventually, I did come around to his way of thinking, and stopped killing things for no good reason. That snake was just probably trying to protect its babys. And it actually didn't hurt me.. It did scare the bleep out of me, though.

Paul said...

They have friends so if they startle me they are dead. I alone cannot dent the population and base on the number of flying pests we have they are falling down on the job anyway.

Anonymous said...

Smooth black with a red hourglass on it?

I'm surprised no one yet has bitten at your crafty troll. (*snicker*)

Anyways - NASA has moved up the launch date by a year to explore your future 'Starship', the 200 km solid iron core of a small planet that got whacked good and hard, 16 Psyche. Ther'e-a-gonna take a look at it :

A 'Fantasy' video of the flyby-orbit :

It would be cool to clomp around on an iron planetoid with magnets on you feet.

(In the extreme un-likelyhood you weren't trolling about the little black shiny spider, that's a 'Black Widow' spider, and rather venomous. But you were yanking us.)

Hoping Huck is now fed and happier...