Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Sick Again

     I shan't dwell on it -- I have a buddy in hospital right now who has a great deal more to deal with -- but I've been slightly ill the past week or weeks, and only Sunday hauled myself to the doctor.

     Yes, this is exactly the behavior over which I chided Tamara recently.  We're both too good at denial and both too fond of one of the worst habits of the Stoics: we want to believe that most physical ills can be solved by gritting one's teeth and outlasting them.  Lovely if true, and it probably was true in a time when 50 was elderly.  We get a lot better mileage from our meat machinery these days but the price of that is an increased need for skilled maintenance.

     Going to the doctor late Sunday meant the pharmacy closed before they filled my prescription; I didn't start drugs until Monday night and spent nearly all of Tuesday in bed.  Much of the day (and evening, not to mention both nights) I was blessedly asleep, and perhaps it has had a restorative effect. 

     I can only hope my friend is feeling better at a similar rate, if not even more quickly.


Anonymous said...

I do the same damn thing and I'm ten years older than you... You would think by now we would all know that we don't recover as well as when we were younger, but the tough it out mentality still holds... I have to be REALLY sick before I go to the doctor, then end up listening to him or her chide me for not coming in sooner, on top of my wife ( who is just as bad as I am in this regard ) say "I told you to go to the doctor"

RandyGC said...

Wishes for a speedy and full recovery to you and your friend.

Will said...

Child mortality rates makes it seem that people in earlier times died much younger than we do now. In general, modern medicine does pump up the numbers to some extent, but it is not what keeps people functional in their 50's-70's.
One of the biggest benefits of our civilization is better nutrition during childhood. (shame that big Agra is so intent on destroying that for more profit)

As a reminder for your readers that are diabetic, or know someone who is, that "tough it out" routine can be a death sentence. If you get a wound or bruise, especially on an extremity, GO NOW to a doctor/hospital. Don't put it off 'til tomorrow, or when it will be more convenient, or try to save a buck by acting as your own doctor.
Lost a good friend from a bruise from falling down. He couldn't take his bank account with him.

Paul said...

I can't shout the praises of activity loud enough.

At work they did some health assessments

BP 103/73
Pulse 63
Blood Sugar 129 (after eating)
Cholesteral 147 (From a high of 210)
HDL 47
LDL 55
BMI 29 (They would like this lower)

All the markers they check.

Been doing TKD for 5 years now and added Karv Maga to the mix.

Hope you get well soon. But activity seems to be a good prophylactic.

Would like to get the weight down some but seem to be holding at 205 so there is that.