Thursday, April 19, 2018

Went To The Doctor Yesterday

     Actually, I went to the doc-in-a-box, my own doctor having a lead time on appointments of over a month, but it comes to the same thing, right?  They're like automobile mechanics: it's not easy to find a really good one but when something breaks, you can usually find some outfit to get your car running.  And most of them are honest workers, or as honest as they have to be.

     I left with a referral to a specialist and a prescription for better painkillers -- non-opioid, which suits me fine; this is not a high-minded stance about addiction, it's the intestinal slowdown opioids cause that I find extremely offputting. 

     Went back to bed after a quick meal when I got home and I feel better now.  Hoping it will last.


Paul said...

To a degree docs are docs, but should you find a truly gifted one they will be swamped soon after hanging a shingle. The guy who took my gall bladder was a gifted one that work till he passed away. Hopefully he took some vacations as he was good.

Hope you feel better soon

pigpen51 said...

I got to enjoy the doc in a box on Tuesday. Long story short, my wife has a couple of broken bones in her back and is using a wheel chair for awhile, so I helped her into the passenger side of the car. I was trying to get the chair out and back into the building where we had borrowed it from, and thanks to our April spring here in Michigan, slipped on some ice, grabbed the chair, and tumbled over the top, and onto the pavement, nose first.

I didn't break it, but I look like I am wearing purple lipstick, and have a Daffy Duck bill, at the same time. Plus the road rash on my hands and various pains here and there. When I was young, I would have popped up, and tried to act cool, like no problem, I'm fine. The same thought crossed my mind, but the popping up part never made it from my mine to my body. I just laid there feeling sorry for myself for a minute or two, until I realized that no one would lift me up, so I had to do it myself.

I know I am going to live, but it sounds much more fun than it actually was. At least, with chronic migraines, I didn't hit my head. I am goofy enough that I don't need help with that.

I hope that you get to feeling better soon. We actually had 49 degrees here in mid west MI today, and sunny, with more of the same promised for the weekend. With summer coming, you need to be feeling tip top, so you can enjoy the outdoors.