Sunday, April 29, 2018


     I slept (interspersed with TV watching) from about 4 p.m. yesterday to 8:30 this morning. Tam and I tried a small road trip Saturday and it wore me out; I laid down for a little while after we returned home, then had a light snack and went to bed.

     The good: went to the Peru (North Central Indiana) Hamfest and found some neat things.  Stopped at an antique mall on the way home and found a few more.
      I watched the first two episodes of the BBC spy drama Killing Eve and it plays like an updated Len Deighton "Harry Palmer" novel and the spy films (mostly starring Michael Caine) based on them.  This school of British spy story, with a small, underfunded, quirky group of skilled agents working in a world of fog and mirrors can also be found -- mixed with Lovecraftian or Classicial SF/horror entities -- in "The Laundry" novels by Charles Stross and Declare by Tim Powers and I enjoy it.
     The Bad: I have very little energy.  I'm going to have to ramp up slowly but I must increase my level of physical activity.  I'm under a lot of stress and it is taking a toll.

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Unknown said...

Dr. Wife and I similarly made a shortish road trip to the National Cornbread Festival, in South Pittsburg, TN. The Saturday of the festival is the one day per year the Lodge foundry is open to the public for tours, and was well worth the drive time and cost of admission to the festival. That said, between blood counts that still haven't _quite_ gotten back to baseline and a bunch of prophylactic antibiotics, it was a long day for me. I don't regret going; one doesn't build strength by relaxing, after all, but augmentin is the devil.

At any rate, I do hope things settle down for you; you've had a rough spring, ma'am, and deserve better. There is a new Laundry Files novel due some time this year, BTW; I've pre-ordered the Kindle edition for it and Gibson's newest.