Monday, April 16, 2018

Sleight Of Word

     Yesterday's blog post had been drastically edited from the original.  I am once again having some mild but annoying health issues, and I started to whine.  Oh, dear!  So -- remove a few words here, trim a couple of paragraphs there, add a photo and taa-daa, nice walks and ice cream!

     I loathe whining.  Oh, I do it well, as well as most people if not better, and there's a certain dull, childish comfort in it.  But it solves nothing, cures nothing and invites hapless onlookers to indulge in well-meaning -- if often half-baked -- quack-doctoring.

     The weekend had good points.  It had not-so-good points and I'm starting the week with a little uncertainty -- well, so do we all, every week.  I shall drink my water and take my acetaminophen and ibuprofen and in all probability, my health will be fine.


Unknown said...

Don't forget the orange juice and chicken soup. It may not do any good, but what could it hurt?

JayNola said...

All you've got to do is mix up a poultice of colloidal silver, hemlock, and some Mercurochrome and apply it, literally or liberally or bothb to your belly button. You'll be right as rain in a twist of a thimble.
Or something. 🤔
Take it easy Ms. Ecks.