Saturday, April 21, 2018

Goodbye, Barbara Bush

     I didn't leap on the bandwagon when she passed but I'll miss Barbara Bush.  She was a dependable image of what a First Lady ought to be, supportive of her husband but willing to voice her own opinions, gracious but not distant.  She was a good example to subsequent First Ladies -- not all of them heeded it, but that's how it goes.  I think she did her honest best.


pigpen51 said...

My wife and I spent our 25 wedding anniversary on a tour of the New England states. We did a narrated drive by of the Kennebunkport property, but there was nobody there at the time. But still, I agree with your assessment of Mrs.Bush. In fact, I miss having a administration in the White House that has the class and air of quality that we had come to take for granted in our leaders.

I think that, to me, it was missing with the Obama's, and now, Donald Trump. I believe that Melania out classes her husband where ever they go. But then again, first lady is not an elected post.

Paul said...

I am just happy when we have someone who thinks America is a great place over the ones we have had half my life that are either crooks or idiots.