Tuesday, April 03, 2018

"Climate," Weather," "Indiana Spring"

     Only the first two of them are predictable, at least compared to the third.
     Yesterday morning, we had a couple of inches of snow on the ground -- and on tree limbs, overhead wires and my ham radio antenna.  The day turned sunny and warmish and Tam's got a nice collection of photos of green grass and optimistic flowers poking through the snow, and of whole streets where Winter reigns on the shadowed side, while birds frolic and lawns are green across the block where Spring's sun shines.

     Today?  Today, a thunderstorm is slam-banging through as I write, lightning flashbulbing the sky, thunder booming and rolling, and it has already rained so hard in some spots that the Highway Department is using snowplows in an attempt to squeegee water off the interstate.  Pea-sized hail is falling to our south and melting after it hits.  There'll be a high of 68°F -- and perhaps as much as four inches of rain!

     Wednesday, it's going to snow again.

     Of course.



Paul said...

It is in iowa right now. Some spring

FrankC said...

Don't ignore the drainage in your basement.

Roberta X said...

Never have since the floods. Alas, the drainage into remains an issue, though not yet so far this year.