Monday, April 13, 2020

A Tasty Reprieve Breakfast

     Sure, I'm still coughing, sneezing and I get winded taking the basement stairs too quickly, but I almost certainly don't have The Plague.  I'm counting that as a reprieve.

     We'd be out of bread, except -- thanks again, Mom and Dad! -- I grew up in a culinarily-adventurous household and have continued the tradition.  Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods delivery had no bread worthy of the name -- that gluten-free stuff is more like a hair shirt for your dinner table -- except people had overlooked delicious naan!  It's Indian (as in the nation and subcontinent) flatbread, a nice, savory wheat bread with a good texture.  Thicker, softer and more textured than a tortilla, it toasts nicely and I have discovered it makes one of the best bacon-and-egg sandwiches I've ever had.  With a few Castlevetrano and Klamata olives on the side, cranberry juice and fresh-ground coffee (Tanzanian Peaberry this morning), it's a world-class breakfast.

     Today's a day for resting and catching up on dishes and laundry.  My doctor has set up another telemedicine appointment for tomorrow morning, and she and I will decide if I should go back to work.


B said...

I am glad it is just a cold,

EdB said...

Slather a drop of Olive oil on the naan, grind some salt on it and at your discretion add some herbs and toss it on the grill till it begins to crisp - delicious!

Fred Gilbert said...

Glad you did not have that nasty virus. Good health!

Fred G