Saturday, April 04, 2020

Cooped Up? Vacation From Your Desk!

     BBC has a delightful collection of "Places That Don't Belong," geopolitical anomalies all around the globe.  Many of them were hard to find or difficult to get to even before we were all staying home -- but you can visit them online!

     I may have to plug my Raspberry Pi into one of the big TVs and go on a tour.


DOuglas2 said...

There's an exclave of Canada near me, on a peninsula that juts north across the border. I was zooming way in on Google Maps aerial view and noticed an interesting thing - the transmission tower for CK**, (a station that has its offices and studios in the exclave), is very clearly on the USA side of the border.

Anonymous said...

Angle Inlet! Happy to see MN represented. I've never been, but am not surprised about the boat and ATV commuting, which can be common even in lesser isolated parts of the state.

And the area mentioned about Netherlands/Belgium was fictionalized in Neal Stephenson's last book Fall.

St Paul