Monday, April 20, 2020

I Suppose....

     I suppose I should link to a collection of interesting articles about the pandemic, and make a pithy comment.

     I suppose I should talk about the irony of people out protesting -- locally and nationally -- most of them unmasked and much closer to one another than six feet apart.  Irony?  Well, they're protesting being forced to stay home, weak masks and maintain social distance, you see, and yet I have not been able to find even one report of protesters being issued so much as a ticket for breaking the rules.  Personally, I am quite comfortable with volunteers running an experiment in virus transmission; I just wonder how their elderly or otherwise vulnerable family members feel about being involuntary participants.  Doesn't that count as an initiation of force?

     I suppose I should do a lot of things.  I think I'll go have a bath instead.


Zendo Deb said...

I either got the Flu, when everyone was beginning to worry about COVID-19, or I had a fairly mild case of the Bat Soup Flu. I never got tested because there was no reason.

I had thought (early on) that if I got Wuhan Flu, I would die. My health is not great, and I have a couple of underlying issues. Comorbidities, or whatever they call them...

But I would die to defend the rights of future generations. I know that isn't a popular position today. "Give me liberty or give me death" is something that speaks to me. I know it doesn't speak to most boomers. They want Bernie, or Hilary, or Joe to run every aspect of their lives.

Roberta X said...

Question: what's the difference between the Redcoats marching to seize colonist guns, and the Board of Health slapping a "QUARANTINE! Stay Home!" sticker on your state?

Answer: These days it seems to be "I dunno."

Let us *have* a future generation. The dead don't have any rights. Read up on 1918; we came roaring out of those "stay home" orders with women agitating for -- and getting -- the right to vote.