Saturday, April 25, 2020

Antenna, Repaired

     Earlier in the week, I noticed my ham radio antenna was broken.  It's a G5RV, a kind of "doublet," a long pence of wire, split at the center and with RF fed into it at that point.

     On one side, the wire of mine runs over to a tree and takes a turn (about fifteen feet above ground), supported by running it through a hole in an insulator.  There had been enough motion that the wire wore through!

     Today, I spliced it, with a pulley at the turn, and rearranged things so that it doesn't turn at the splice.

     I'm hoping it will hold up.

     Wrestling the ladder around to the roof and then to the tree was a lot of work and between that and digging up dandelions, I'm worn out.  Made chili for an early dinner and have mostly sat around ever since.


Eck! said...

Keep the wire higher... Then apply the fire to the wire.

Enjoy the bands.


RandyGC said...

Hope it works for you. Did you notice the issue visually or as a change on how it tuned up (or didn't)?

Roberta X said...

RandyGC: tuning seemed off, so I took a look and found the loose ends.