Sunday, April 26, 2020

Housework Day

     Laundry, kitchen cleaning, a little bit of electronics (because the washer needs to be watched on the spin cycle and my workshop is just a few steps away).

     The afternoon was sunny and warm -- well, warmish, at least -- once the rain was over and I spent some time outside -- not as much as I would like, but there was much to be done.  The air was wonderful!

     After reseasoning my cast-iron steak-grilling pan (darned thing had gotten ugly since last time) and a bacon press that's been in the way for awhile,  I got out the bread machine and looked it over; actually trying it is a project for another day but hopes are high.

     A grocery delivery arrived late in the afternoon  After getting it put away, I heated up some nice ham and bean soup from two days ago, with added fresh vegetables and some mushrooms. Over dinner, Tam and I watched an episode of our current series, Breaking Bad, which neither of us had seen.  We're well into Season Two.

     We had some nice multigrain bread with the soup.  I had picked it up from the grocer's store-baked breads on the sole basis of the crust looking good.  It's pretty dense, but flavorful and with enough texture to be buttered.  It went well with the soup.

     Another pandemic weekend.

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