Friday, April 03, 2020


     I don't have much for today.  Just try to be nice -- socially distant doesn't need to mean socially rude.

     Supposed to rain here this weekend.  I hope they're wrong about that.


Anonymous said...

Shhh. No rain. Rain, rain go away. Who does the weather man think we are, Blind Mellon. :)

Regardless, have a great weekend. Don't try to go too far north on the Monon. I hear they've built a wall at the Carmel line.

Paul said...

Hmm. we need some rain to activate the crab grass killer we put down. Why do you not want rain? The say april showers bring may flowers so I am looking for some color.

Roberta X said...

I'd like some rain -- during the work week! Weekends, I'd like to ride my motor scooter, grill some steaks, maybe even build some more wooden bookshelves.

Maybe tomorrow. They're saying tomorrow will have some sunshine.