Monday, April 06, 2020

Running Late

     You see, we ordered out for Sunday dinner, and our order (a whole smoked beef brisket: food for several days!) included green beans -- and something called "hash browns casserole."  (Liter House has converted to carryout, with as good a contactless pickup system as I've seen and including some basic groceries and household supplies.)

     The casserole is hash browns with onion and a little this and that, baked slowly with milk and a dab of butter: you end up with something akin to mashed potatoes and very tasty it was, too.

     We ate a little less than half, which meant this morning, there was a bit over a cup of cold mashed potatoes in the fridge.

     Waste not, want not: the recipe for mashed potato cakes take two and a half tablespoons of flour and one egg per cup of potato mixture.  I mixed it together, made a batch of four, added more flour and made two more batches.

     It takes time and the cooking is kind of fiddly -- you can't flip them until they've browned.  But oh, so good, especially with a slice of bacon on the side!  (Of course I had a little bacon fat in the skillet to fry the potato cakes.)

     But now I've got to run to catch up.

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Rick said...

Oh how I miss my Mom's potato cakes. She would purposely make extra mashed potatoes so that we could have potato cakes some days later.