Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Out Today

     Wasn't feeling so great this morning, so I called in in sick.  I'm working alone in a locked building in secure enclosure in the middle of nowhere, and I'm not going to take any chances.

     Yesterday morning, I was getting ready for work and my pajamas fell on the floor right inside the (closed) door of my room.  I looked down and realized they were vanishing through the gap under the door!  The new cat Holden had been in the hallway, noticed motion, and decided the thing to do was grab whatever that thing was.  I laughed and laughed -- and then realized I was starting to black out.  Managed a soft landing on my knees, got my head down and was only out for a flash, but it was startling.


Antibubba said...

I don't know if I'm supposed to laugh or be horrified. Or both.

RandyGC said...

Good for you. Take care of yourself!

Glad the incident of the disappearing pajamas wasn't worse.

If nothing else you don't want to end up on one of the weird ER threads out there with a tale of how your new cat took you down by stealing your clothes.

Anonymous said...

Stay safe, Miss Roberta.
I've never met you, don't know you, and I doubt that will change. You and Tam are a long way from Texas.
But I'd miss you if you weren't around.

Paul said...

Blacking out is not good. Must be one tough cat to get the jammies under the door

Roberta X said...

The gap is pretty wide, almost an inch at the highest point. Holden is a few pounds short Huck's fifteen pounds, but he's not a small cat.

Merle said...

I hope you get this diagnosed soon - then fixed!


Roberta X said...

Yeah, well, Merle, I intend to avoid medical facilities unless I am in dire need; they've got more pressing cases to work on. There are well over 2000 confirmed cases in Marion County and we're only testing medical workers and people bad enough off to be taken to the ER, so the rule of thumb is that the number of actual cases is at least an order of magnitude greater, if not more: call it 20,000 at minimum and probably closer to 200,000.

I'm running a slight temperature (on average) and I have cough that feels like it should be bringing a lot more up than it is. That ain't allergies and I have been whistling past it for at least a week.

Cincinnatus said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Will said...

Is there a connection between laughing and blacking out in females?

Had a girlfriend who did that once. I was home with a shattered wrist, she was visiting, and so was my mother. Someone said something funny, GF threw her head back while laughing, got quiet, and then started sliding down the fridge door. I was able to stop her from hitting the floor, but she was out for a few seconds at least. We got her to a bed, she took a nap, and seemed okay later. Never got an explanation.

Hopefully you just have some garden variety bug, and not the superbug of the day.