Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Eating What's Available

     There's a bread machine in the basement.  We've got the raw materials for baking.  I need to clear a spot for the machine on the counter and see how it works.

     There's one piece of naan saved back to make myself a sandwich for lunch.  We were low on fresh vegetables, bread and meat,* so Tam went to the grocery yesterday.

     Our local grocer has marked spaces at every service counter (deli, bakery, butcher) and checkout; they've put up transparent "sneeze guard" barriers at the checkouts, and have plenty of reminders up.  Still, not everyone is willing to go along and Tamara returned frazzled.

     Some selections were slim while others were fine.  No paper goods except a few boxes of facial tissue; a good assortment and quantity of produce and the meat counter was well stocked.  But bread?  Don't even ask about bread.  There were, however, bagels.  Not the store-made ones, and not the brands we usually buy -- but Dave's Killer Bread makes bagels and there they were, including the "everything" version.  Perhaps shoppers were put off by the backstory, I don't know.

     An everything bagel made for a fine breakfast with coffee, juice, bacon and egg.

     There is a lot of food on store shelves in this country, and more behind it in the pipeline.  There will be shortages, but farming is "essential work" in most states now and food processing is getting that way if it isn't already.  Just like our neighborhood grocery, they're having to work out new ways of doing things -- but they will.

     In the meanwhile, we all need to work on eating what's available -- and on not whining.
* There's at least a month (longer if we ration it) of canned, bagged and dry-storage food in our pantry, but we're in no hurry to dig into it too deeply other than to eat whatever is approaching the "tastier before..." date.  We're not in urgent need of paper goods yet, either, but we're keeping an eye on what's in stock.


Brian J. said...

I'd recommend running the bread machine on the flour instead of the counter so that it doesn't walk itself off of the counter whilst it's on the Agitate cycle.

Which has happened at Nogglestead. More than once.

RandyGC said...

The only problem I've had with the bread out of CINCHOUSE's breadmaker is that the loaves are so small they barely make a meal's worth for two people. It does not tend to hang around long (often not long enough to fully cool down).

Around here my store has something available in about every category, so long as you are not picky about brand name. Plenty of meat bread and cheese available. There was even TP on the, well one, shelf.

Hope you kick that cold soon.

Rey B said...

Dave may have a checkered past but his bread and bagels are excellent, expensive, but excellent. My family really likes the Everything bagel with egg, cheese, bacon, and tomato as an omelet sandwich. Depending on what other goodies are available to add to the "thin omelet" the sandwich can be a pretty good meal in itself for other than breakfast.