Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Blind To History

It must be true: I saw it on CNN with my own eyes. Had I not, I would have taken it for a crude attempt at irony.

The topic was the upcoming recall elections (and preceding turmoil over public employee unions) in Wisconsin. The news network had dredged up a couple of (dimmish) leading lights pro and con and was grilling them about the expressed will of the people or some such thing. The pro-recall/pro-public union side was represented by (surprise, surprise) a local SEIU officer, who shared this gem: "Things were settled here, then these outsiders came and and stirred them up, made things disruptive."

The SEIU officer happened to be African-American and I'd guess her at my age or more. It's hard to suppose she doesn't remember the last time troubles in one city or state were blamed on "disruptive outsiders," but you'd've thought she would have at least read about it in U.S. History class?


Bubblehead Les. said...

So how come the Wisconsin Union Thugs bused in 10's of thousands of people into Madison from out of state to disrupt the Legislative Process, and crap on the floor at the same time? Sounds like "Outside Agitators" to me.

Roberta X said...

Why, they're not "outsiders," they're concerned union members. Yeaaaahhhhhhh.

Guffaw in AZ said...


Blackwing1 said...

'S okay...the recall election right next door to us in Minnesnowta came out with a massive and overwhelming defeat for the Dem-winger who challenged the incumbent Rep-winger on the basis of supporting Walker's policies. Apparently I wasn't aware that he was in favor of putting puppies, kittens and children into blenders, and putting the elderly onto ice floes.

This is an interesting preview of the coming 2012 election, since the Dem-wing collectivists poured millions of dollars into their effort, and pretty much got bupkiss. From what I've seen of the preliminary results, the differences in voting were way above the margin-of-fraud that the Dem-wingers can usually count on.

Bear in mind that Wisconsin is one of the most "progressive" (that's code word for Communist-type collectivist/statist) state in the country. There will be no holds barred in the upcoming Prexy 2012 nose-counting, since they're getting awfully desperate.