Friday, August 05, 2011

Link Wray

Was he from the future or outer space? --For sure not outta this school district.


Jeffro said...

Welp, that clip sent me Googling! I'd heard some of his music but didn't know anything about him. Clearly, the man knew his way around a guitar. Thanks for posting this!

Chuck Pergiel said...

Very cool.

JC said...

AnoAmerind Surf God: Dick Dale (still alive qnd well, playing in SoCal, and observing the 6 foot rule (if the surf's over 6 foot, you'll find me there, not at work). Here's a snippet from the Frankie and Annette relaunch movie Back to the Beach, with some kid from Texas:

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this! Link is my favorite. He's considered the man who invented the guitar solo, on Rumble:

Rhino Records put out a great compilation about 10 or so years ago. There are some great stories about how he got the reverb and echo effects--remember, this is before post-production could add them.