Sunday, August 07, 2011

Mom's Back In Hospital

She must have fallen about mid-day -- no memory of it; woke up on the floor with a bad bump on her noggin and three broken ribs. This time, she called my baby brother. (I think she's running the list in reverse alphabetical order: Roberta, M------, B-----).

Of course this was cause for another ambulance trip to St. Nearby, where my sibs and my Nurse-Practitioner niece and I visited. Current best guess is, too good a job at keeping her sodium intake down: nobody told her that there is a lower limit, too. Looks like she'll be be in the hospital until they're sure her chemistry is okay and that the bump on the head didn't do more than minor damage.

Wanna guess who's getting one of those "medical alert" help-summoning thingamabobs for a present?


Comrade Misfit said...

Those things are good, as long as your mother stays in range of teh base station. (I don't know what the range is.)

My mom has one.

Guffaw in AZ said...

Sorry to hear. Prayers and good thoughts her (and your)way!

Home on the Range said...

Oh no. . as always, call if you need anything, garden watering, cat feeding, as you tend to her.

We got one of those for Dad when he just passed out for no reason. Pacemaker helped that problem, but we still worry.

They worry about us, we worry about them, it's our job.

Laura said...

eeh. yeah, get her Life Alert or something similar. still thinkin' about her!

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Mom's got one of those pendant thingies. As far as range is concerned, she forgot to take it off before she left her apartment one day, went up two floors and north about 100 yards to the building's library, and managed to accidentally push the button while she was up there.

The EMS people were at her door when she got back. I don't think range is a problem...:)

Bobbi, she got hers through St. Nearby. You might want to ask them about that.

BobG said...

Best wishes for your mom's recovery.

Anonymous said...

My Mom's doing the same dance over the last few months. She took care of Dad in his last few years and got used to never using salt. Now I bring her pizzas, it's good for her! (YMMV)
She lives waaay out in the country, but with two close good neighbors. Thank God. After having them pick her off the floor a couple of times I got her a life alert necklace. She's used it once. They're great.

Anonymous said...

Oh, we called the local ambulance company and asked which pendent was the best. Probably not a bad idea since services vary from place to place and that's what you're really buying.

NotClauswitz said...

Hope it's not a series of small strokes, like my FIL.
I know the guy who started the "I've fallen and I can't get up" medical alert company, he worked for a friend of mine after his biz-partner took most of the biz-money and disappeared in the Caribbean. Never found the guy.