Thursday, August 04, 2011

House Painting, Continued

At this point, it's more like house scraping, continued; my nephew, Dauntless Ben, continues undeterred. The whole thing has been done with a heat gun (!!!) and a hand scraper, except for a few spots where it took judicious application of a torch. The last couple of layers were a thick, decent-quality latex, indifferently applied; it stuck to whatever was under it (peeling paint, bare wood, whatever) and comes off, reluctantly, in long strips. --For over two weeks! (He tried multiple methods for the first week. All of them were s-l-o-w. This one worked best.)

Right around half a wall (and a little replacing/repairing) left and then it's on to the painting, starting with a good primer.

I have got to take out five old screens and redd 'em up -- that'll be my big fix/paint contribution to the project. Already have the primer (Killz2). It's about time I went and bought the paint. Probably Saturday.


Laura said...

I'll loan you my paint-eating squirrel, so he stops eating the paint from the porch stairs.

...Seriously. This is a daily event. I'd be more than happy to send him your way, and (apparently) he'd be more than happy to nom your paint away.

Tam said...

[Monty Python French accent]"I don't think she'll be so keen on that. You see, we've already got one.[/Monty Python French accent]

I use a BBQ brush to smear Dave's Total Insanity Sauce on his favorite spots for nibblin'.

Laura said...


What IS it with treerats and their love of paint? I don't get it.

JC said...

Washed the cars? Bare wod on house awaiting paint? Convertable top down? No rain?

It boggles the mind. You kids need a picnic.