Wednesday, March 06, 2013


     Storm, not as bad as predicted here.  Indianapolis public schools aren't even running late this morning.  No real shortage of auto accidents -- fender bender/slide off/too fast for conditions -- but it's not like the city's been immobilized or anything.

      Kinda disappointing. But it sure is purty!

     Is this the same "I'm ready for my close-up" squirrel I've photographed before?
  I'd taken a slightly wider shot that was too dark when I realized the rodent was posing - and even turned to face me for the next picture! Out of focus though it is, I had to share.


Robert Fowler said...

They told us we were in for another "end of the world" snowstorm. HA!. We got about a half a inch. Ho Hum, Not even enough to shovel. Damn weather people.

I bet my grandkids were disappointed, school wasn't canceled.

Dave in Indiana said...

Looks like we were hit a little harder in my neck of the woods. It took about 5 minutes to brush the global warming off of my truck. The drive into work wasn't too bad though. But I've also watched every episode of Ice Road Truckers, so I might have an advantage over everyone else around here.

Rey Brandt said...

Just a bit north of you we got 8-9 inches. Holds together well so if anyone wants a snowman free some assembly required.

Gewehr98 said...

Looks like the cat on the railing of the house across the street noticed Mr. Tree Rat, too!