Thursday, March 28, 2013

Joe Donelly Sells Indiana Out

     Indiana's junior Senator Joe Donnelly has thrown gun-owners under the bus.  He caved to pressure from New York City's Mayor Bloomberg (or at least the not-yet-indicted remnants of "Mayors Against Guns" claim he has), as you can read in the Californa newspaper article linked above.  Way to represent Indiana, Joe!   --Oh, wait: not.

     Help let him know he has done wrong.  (Even beyond the simple misjudgement of siding with the MA[I]G den of criminal behavior.)

     MA(I)G has added a chortling "thanks" to our sellout Senator in their dreadfully unsafe TV ads, in which a bearded, flannel-shirt-wearing fool with his finger on the trigger of a horizontally-held shotgun -- aimed in the general direction of playing children! -- hectors the viewer about "gun safety" while breaking the most basic rules thereof.  Gee, Senator Donnelly, are you sure that's something you want to be associated with?

     Meanwhile, Senator Dan Coats is facing pressure from the same well-oiled (if slightly felon-riddled) machine.  We need to remind him to stand firm again any new anti-gun laws, including the deceptive "expanded background checks" law, which would criminalize normal, innocent behavior.


Dave in Indiana said...

If someone only had the financial resources to make Donnely a better offer for his vote than Bloomberg did.

Douglas2 said...

When was it that the Indiana legislature rescinded private-sale registration?

I'd like to point out to him that there is lots of data on how the crime rate doesn't change when such laws are either put in place or removed.

Bubblehead Les. said...

So it looks like Mickey Bloomberg has decided what he plans to do after his Mayor Gig is up next year.

He's Going to BUY Congress and make them pass Laws to turn the Republic into NYC.

And with $25-30 BILLION to play with and too much time on his hands, this is not good.

Archer said...

Simple: Just ask him how he'd feel if he were arrested for felony auto-dealing without a license, and thrown in jail for 10 years, for letting his wife/kid drive his car.

'Cuz that's basically what he's signing on to.

The Jack said...

Here's an interesting part. When I called today the staffer on the line denied the report saying "Donnely hasn't made a decision on the issue."

So either Bloomberg jumped the gun, the staffers are being mushroomed, or the staffers were told to lie to callers.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Donnelly has sold us down the river before, I have no doubt he will do it again. And his staff will deny that he's going to do it right up to the second his finger hits the button to vote.

rickn8or said...

"So either Bloomberg jumped the gun, the staffers are being mushroomed, or the staffers were told to lie to callers."

Which do you think is the most probable?

The Jack said...

I'm thinking Fuzzy may be right and it's the middle one. Hard to tell as the other two are likely as well.