Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kershaw Update

     Exactly as commenters predicted and I had hoped, Kershaw wrote back promptly Monday.  They're sending new springs, and suggested Loc-Tite for the loose threaded insert.*

     They say it could take up to ten days for the parts to arrive.  Given that they're costing me exactly zero and will restore two knives I'm fond of and find very useful, that's a small thing indeed.

    Other companies, pay heed -- it appears these guys have got that "customer service" thing figured out.
* Blue Loc-Tite -- and friends and geeks, do pay close attention to the grade/color of suggested Loc-Tite, as the hard-core red "cylindrical part locker" is forever unless you apply heat, while the remainder have varying degrees of hold/suitability to thread pitch and you do not want to use the wrong one!


Carteach said...

A) Witness the power of the interblogtubes.... I have been carrying a Kershaw since Marko recomended it, and mentioned the exact same spring issue, with the same result.

B) Perhaps I should acquire a spring *now* rather wait for it to break? I use that darn knife a LOT.

C) Any tech that does not have two or three flavors of Loc-Tite in their supplies needs counseling from an old guy.

Bruce H. said...

>> Perhaps I should acquire a spring *now* ...

I'd buy a dozen of them, except that I lose knives so fast it wouldn't make any sense for me.

eriko said...

The same is true of CKRT and you can just send your knife to Benchmade and they fix it for free and sharpen it while they are at it.

Dave H said...

People act surprised when a manufacturer does the right thing and provides simple repair parts without a hassle. I find it's true of most manufacturers who aren't mass producing consumer goods (where repair is almost as big a business as the original sales: cars, appliances, etc).

Even little old Hi-Point came through with a scope rail for a 9mm carbine I bought fourth or fifth hand. Those kids from Ohio can be pretty generous. (grin)

og said...

A Weller soldering gun will apply adequate heat to a smallish (Scope or sight mount) fastener to allow easy removal without scorching adjacent material.

Old NFO said...

Yep, add Kershaw to the good guys list!

Anonymous said...

Years ago I sent in a Gerber I'd somehow dropped in the bilge of our salmon boat. Walnet scales rotted off, Stainless Steel blade turned brown, brass a solid fuzzy green. Came back 3 months later, rebuilt (would have been cheaper to just throw it away and send a new one!) with a handwritten note:

"Our knives are designed to last a lifetime, in air or under water.
(s) Pete Gerber"

Glad to see Kershat and CKRT are still upholding that tradition in the knife industry.


GreyLocke said...

Don't ever o what one of my customers did. Black Loctite on scope rings. I had to destroy said rings to get the scope off. Had to over drill the screws. Very PITA job.

Angus McThag said...

Unless they've decided to not support your knife any more, then they'll offer you a voucher for their online store for a knife that's not equivalent to the one that's busted.

Despite the "lifetime" warranty.

Roberta X said...

Still, it beat being told to buzz off and buy a new one, which is what most manufacturers do.