Friday, March 22, 2013

Taking My Car To The Shop

     In a rush: my car has been having exhaust-system issues (it got LOUD) and there's a slow leak in one of the tires -- if by slow, one means, "down 20 psi every other day." So it's going into the shop this ayem.

     Back soon, with some more interesting post.  I hope.


lelnet said...

In my experience, whenever you measure the time from full pressure to ambient in a unit larger than minutes, it's a slow leak. (More typically it's been "everything's fine" followed by "this is starting to feel a bit weird" followed by showering the road in rubber, within a matter of seconds.)

So rejoice! Any car problem that allows the car to be driven to an appropriate point of repair (rather than requiring improvised repair where it lies) is a win! :)