Friday, January 23, 2015

All Traveling Tower Crews Have A Dog

     It may be a rule.
     (In the photo, he's listening for His Person, just around the corner.)

     This guy was very friendly, and before his toys were unpacked, he found a small cardboard box to carry around.  He finally ripped it up, but only after being told it would be okay.  He's extremely playful with his owner (tugging at pants cuffs, dancing and trying to get him to play) and more restrained with others.  Very happy to be petted and will lean up against your legs to see if you'll give way.  Here's a hint: don't.


Old NFO said...

As long as you're not a threat, he's friendly... Bet he can change in a heartbeat! :-)

The Jack said...

It's a Woof-Woof!

Yeah, I've had Joe do things like that. He's still got a squeaky pig he was given as a gift years ago

Kristophr said...

Herding behavior.

I watched a Border Collie herd a bunch of schoolkids once. The kids had no clue they were being herded.

I pointed it out to the teacher in charge, and she speculated that one might be a good school district purchase ...