Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Hey, Look: Winter

     When I went to bed last night, it was doing this outside:
     It continued all through the night.  There's four inches of snow on the ground now, or a bit more.  More photos may follow; I'm going to have to bundle up and see what I can get cleared away.


Anonymous said...

Far, far, far off topic.

Must resist urge to share. Arrrggggh. Resistance weakening ... fail.

Product Review: Digital Multi-Acuity Meter
> Well, in the old days that would have blown yet another irony meter, causing me to shop for a new one. However, I'm happy to report that my recent investment in a Fluke 666 Digital Multi-Acuity Meter has paid off.
> Features:
> Three meters in one: irony meter, clue meter, and stupidity meter.
> Fully digital: no more bent needles when they hit the stop!
> Autoranging, and fuse protected against overload.
> Measures irony up to 20 kilodolts (enough for many demanding applications).
> Extra-sensitive clue meter, can read as low as .001 milliclue (1 microclue).
> Measures stupidity up to 20,000 imbicels.

Hopefully that will brighten up someone's day.

Anonymous said...

My bad. Attribution:

rickn8or said...

Never mind the snow, when are the people across the street gonna take down their Christmas lights?

LCB said...

Yup...we got it in Ohio too. Funny, going to work takes me through parts of 3 counties. My county (Butler) had done almost nothing to the roads and took 2/3rds of my time to go 1/2 way. Preble and Montgomery...roads were plowed and salted.

Old NFO said...

We got three inches and it was nuts... DC didn't plow, neither did Fairfax or Arlington Counties... this morning was 'interesting'...

Tam said...


Far as I'm concerned, they can leave them up until the snowy season ends. They brighten the place up a bit. :)