Friday, January 30, 2015


     It was early.  Well, early-ish.  I'd managed to feed the cats without quite breaking the surface of the pool of sleep, then crawled back into bed, tumbling down, down into the deliciously-warm darkness of the land of That Horrible Sound You Sometimes Wake Up Making That Can't Possibly Be Snoring, Can It?  A distressingly-chipper Tam entered and I woke up midway through whatever it was she was saying:

      "....going to get some of those guzza skanax?  You want some?  Like on TV?"

     Me, squintingly, "Yeah?  Sure?"

     "Yum, the guntsa scanniks!  Back soon!"  And she whirled away as I sank back once more into the delightful nothingness behind my eyelids.

     I woke up suddenly a few minutes ago, wide, wide awake.

     I have no idea where Tam went or what she's bringing back.

     I hope it's good.  Guzda czenits?

     ETA: Tam explains.


Cincinnatus said...

I don't think I've seen so much enthusiasm over chicken before.

Old NFO said...

LOL, we may 'hear' and not hear at all...LOL

rickn8or said...

Do you ever think that sometimes Tam drops random bites of random languages into the just-waking conversations just to mess with you?