Thursday, January 22, 2015

What's The Weather Like Up Th-- Oh, Breezy Again?

     As usual.  It is so rarely not that riggers don't mention it; they key up their handi-talkies and you hear the "breeze" howling in the background.
     While my interest is in the two electrical enclosures, you may find the distant ground fascinating.  This was taken about 900 feet up a local tower -- and not, let me add, by me.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Brr. And that shiver ain't just for the cold I am imagining.

Merle said...

Just for kicks you should climb the mast of a ship while it is underway - not 900 ft but still scary enough!


Dr.D said...

About 55 years ago, when I was young and spry, I worked in a laboratory at UT-Austin. We had a drop tower about 250 ft tall. It had red lights at several points up and down to warn aircraft.

The top light burned out, and being the youngest, most junior, person around, I was designated to go up to change the bulb.

The tower was triangular, with a little elevator that traveled up two of the legs. The light was on the third leg. I rode the elevator to the top, and then hung out of the elevator car to reach around to remove the glass cover, change the bulb, and replace the glass cover. It still scares me out of my wits to think about it. I was deathly afraid that the idiot with the controls at the ground would joggle the car while I was hanging out. Whew ... I'm glad that is over. Seems like only yesterday.

Mark Matis said...

What buncha wimps. Try THIS on for size:

And by the way, Dr.D, if OSHA saw y'all do that, somebody would be in jail. If you watch the video above closely, you'll see he's wearing a harness and tether that he disconnects and reconnects at a higher location each time he starts to climb higher. Reverse on the way back down.