Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ha! Beat The Alarm, I Did

     Don't know why.  Woke up several minutes before it was set to go off.  The cats didn't know what to think at first, then decided if I was up, it was time for them to be fed.

     It's probably a sign I should get ready for the doc.

     --Oh, woke from a not-quite bad dream: I was living in a much larger house with a much larger workshop, though my bench was still cluttered.  Showing a couple of visitors around, one of them lifted up a "breadboard" (as used to build prototype circuits -- originally, just wood) to see what was under it and a bunch of irreplaceable Bakelite parts sitting atop it went sliding and almost fell off.  I made the visitors leave.  That's probably a sign, too.  A sign I should clean off my bench.


Anonymous said...

Work benches are like outlets and closets. No matter how big there are not enough closets, not enough outlets, and the work bench is always cluttered.

Except my great nephew. But he's peculiar.

JohninMd.(HELP?!??) said...

A clean workbench is the sure sign of a sick mind. But what do I know?