Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris, Earth

     I don't have much to add to reactions to the horrific attacks in Paris.  You have the Internet, TV, radio.  You know as much as I do, probably more.

     ISIS, ISIL, whatever, they look pretty tough against unarmed civilians.  Against a real military?  Nope.  Unlike earlier Islamiod movements, they have a fixed, physical presence, a series of nice, fat targets -- and against a professional First-World military intent on winning, they're not tough at all.

     So go on, idiots, keep poking at The West.  See how that works out in the long run.  Learn what Kaiser Bill learned; find out what Hitler and Tojo and Mussolini found out: you can snicker at and pester the "soft, decadent, weak-willed" denizens of the most advanced civilization on this planet for a pretty long time; you can push them around a little -- but only so far.  Only so far, and then the bill comes due.


Anonymous said...

Hearing reports of those trapped in the the concert hall begging the terrorists to stop shooting from the balconies on those trapped below.

The terrorists calmly making aimed fire on those below...

I'm beyond enraged by this, and I'm not even French.

The French Right better step up here.

I'm looking at you, Marine Le pen.

Call out the dogs of war.

Roberta X said...

Push 'em hard enough, their Left might surprise you, too -- might want to review the wide range of players in the French Resistance during WW II.

Opinionated Grump (Rich in NC) said...

Not everywhere is a "gun free zone"

Rich in NC

Jess said...

The news reports the terror, but never reports the seething anger, quite resolve, and the determination to destroy all that threaten peace, and liberty.

Maybe it's because they too fear the awakening of the sleeping giant, and know the results are never good for those that ignore tyranny, promote the continuation of ignorance, and try to turn the predator into sheep. Generations left the failures of humanity in the old world, and now reside in the United States. They've seen times more terrible, or worse; and they are becoming focused on what they detest.

May those that threaten our society live their last moments in fear, with the realization they not only failed, they wasted their lives.