Friday, November 20, 2015

The Domestic Tiger

     Every morning, when I open the door that separates the cats for mealtimes and Huck comes bounding through, I am reminded that at Roseholme Cottage, there's a tiger behind every door -- and, as Rannie Wu reminds me, a lady on the other side.

     Interestingly, this does not remove the suspense.  Huck may be a very small tiger but he's also a very mischievous one.


Unknown said...

Let's hear it for the domestic tiger! (I'd say "miniature domestic tiger" but my Archie (a Maine Coon mix who looks like a long-haired Garfield) is hardly miniature.

Ritchie said...

For the past year plus, I have been hosting Gibbs, a semi rescue gray 10 pounder. AKA Silvercat, AKA Fangboy. I frequently remind him "DON'T BITE ME" just before fetching the economy size bottle of peroxide. It's part of the deal.