Thursday, August 04, 2016

Aught-Ought What?

     We all know "007" is "Licensed to kill," but what about the other "00" numbers?  Here's a guide:

     000 - Unlicensed
     001 - Licensed to have a license
     002 - Licensed to annoy, irk, pester and bother
     003 - Licensed to skeeve
     004 - Licensed to slap-fight
     005 - Licensed to injure (slightly)
     006 - Licensed to maim  
     007 - Copyrighted and trademarked seven ways from Sunday, also licensed to kill
     008 - Licensed to kill, revive and kill again
     009 - We don't talk about this one
     010 - Remember the planet between Mars and Jupiter?  Yeah: 010

     Print this list out and save for future reference! 


Anonymous said...

"002 - Licensed to annoy, irk, pester and bother"

Hey! I resemble that remark! :)

Ken said...

000.7 - Was licensed to run with scissors, but it didn't go very well. :\

TWForeman said...


Except 007 was his agent number, not the "license to kill" license number.

"James Bond, Agent 007, Licensed to kill."

The "00" means "Licensed to kill", there were also agents 006, 008, 009 and 0011 in the original books.

Tam said...

Double-oh duh.

It must be tough stumbling through life without a sense of humour.